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What we offer and why are we different from everyone?

YES! We are proud to say we are different and we can offer you something more! Curious? Here what we offer:
A simple Win-Win situation!

We're proud to say that we're one and only place where you will ONLY pay once we have sent you a customer and you have accept the job! That's right!

Zero Customers, Zero Payment

It's called "Pay Per Customer" Plan! We wanted to offer the best deal that we could and what's better and honest than a Win-Win situation? If we find you Zero customers this month, you pay us Zero as well!

But it get's even better! We offer you also ...

Free Account + 2 Free Customers

So you can put down your credit/debit cart because you won't need it! Test us out Absolutely Free!

No Monthly Fees

More details about our Pay Per Lead Plan and what it includes read below :

Note: If you need more information about the particular feature, there's an 'Info' button at the left. Roll over with your mouse coursor and you can read more details about it.

  Features :
Pay Per
Pay Per Customer
Pay ONLY when we send you a customer! No monthly Fees, No Contracts!
Price Per Customer
The price is really low and affordable - only $10 per customer.
Start Up Bonus
$20 will be deposit right away when you activate your account! Call it a Test Drive.
Studio Name
Write your studio or personal name
Allow you to enter your destination
Service Price Range
Enter what is the maximum and minimum amount you would charge the customer.
Photos in your Gallery
That's the numbers of photos we allow you to have in your gallery
Cities Listing:
This is a list of the cities you are willing travel for a job
10 cities
Willing to Travel
This option allow you to show that you are willing to travel to different destination
Photographer Photo
Allow you to upload your own photo so the customer will have an idea of you
Let your customers know that you are negotiable for the final price.
Share more about yourself and your experience as a photographer.
Special Badge
This badge show the visitors that you are a photographer.
Customers Testimonials
Allow you to enter already excisting testimonials from your old customers
Discounts or Bonus Section
This allow you to show your customers what would they get if they hire you!
Years of Experience
Share with your future customers how many years you've been a photographer.
Personal Logo Integration
This allow you to Integrate your logo into your profile.
New photos, videos or news? Write a post in our private photographers blog!
Nationwide Photographers
Let your customers know that you are willing to travel anywhere in the country

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