About us
Who stands behind www.PhotosLicious.com?

The idea about PhotosLicious was born in the summer of 2011 because of the market need and the will to help all kinds of photographers and respectfully people who look for photographers for their personal or business plans and events. We are young and creative team and we are more than proud and happy with what we do!

Our team is always open for new suggestions when it comes to the design of our site, it's functions or the services we provide! If you want to help us grow or you have an idea that we could turn into reality, use the Feedback box at the bottom of every page and tell us how we can improve what we already do. All suggestions are more then welcome.

Also, feel free to write a testimonial for our services and how we have affected your life and career.

What is the main idea of www.PhotosLicious.com?

www.Photoslicious.com was originally designed to help brides and grooms to find the best wedding photographers for their wedding day. The main idea was to gather all available wedding photographers in USA only. But in the early stage of development a lot of photographers who specialize in different types of photography contacted us with the request to change the site priority and allow all types of photographers to be able join. We respect the photographers opinion and that's why we changed our mission.

The idea of the site is pretty simple - we allow photographers from any country (yes, we are worldwide website) to join our community no matter what type of photography they specialized in. We have just 2 conditions:

1) We accept individual photographers or a small studio photographers. We want to help induvidual photographers only.

2) Join our community only if you are a hard-working photographer willing to develop your career by providing the best services for our customers. Our purpose is to deliver the best services not only to our photographers but to our visitors too.

Why to join us?

It's really simple actually. We want to help you and your business grow - what this mean is that we will help future prospects to find you in our website depending on what kind of photographers they look for! This is not a temporary service from our side, we are here to help you grow and we are here to stay! We also wanted to let you know that you have the control - no long term deals, so if you're not satisfied with our services you are free cancel your subscription anytime you want.


The PhotosLicious Team